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PEARLS OF KOREA has been established in 2019, in the pursuit of introducing quality Korean jewellery to India at reasonable prices. The brand is a subsidiary of INDIKO TRADE CO. LTD., who is specialised in trade between India and Korea.

Korean jewellery is globally known for its eye catching designs and variations. Ms. Yu Kyoung Lee, the founder, is passionate about unleashing a whole new world of jewellery to the exotic Indian women.

Our products will soon be available pan India with the regional retailers. So, Keep your fingers crossed, as we promise that you shall be 2X prettier, with the PEARLS OF KOREA!

주소 : 2nd floor, Jangsanro 88, Gyeongsan, Gyeongbuk, South Korea - 38642 | TEL : 070-8770-2023 | yklee@indikotrade.com
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